April Income Report

April Income Pin


Why I’m publishing monthly income reports

One of the reasons I was motivated to begin my blogging journey was from seeing fellow bloggers post monthly income reports. Whether they were making money or not, I find all of these posts to be inspiring. I hope that you will be able to find my income reports inspiring as well. To clarify, these reports will not include income from my husband’s or I’s jobs. This will only include income from any of the side jobs I am trying out and from this blog if I ever start to make money from blogging. I find it all very exciting and I look forward to where this journey will take me.


I chose to start my income reports from the very beginning of my blog so that you and I have something to compare to later down the road if I do in fact become successful at this. I also plan to include updates on traffic reports once I get this figured out.


I will be posting these income reports once a month, but plan to post new content 2-3 times a week. If you would like to follow along in my journey feel free to subscribe to my blog. You can be among the first to know every time I publish a new post, by using the subscription box on the right.


My blogging journey

If you are curious to learn my reasons and motivations for beginning this blogging journey you should check out my “Why I am Starting a Blog.” To give you a brief overview, I have four major reasons for beginning this blog: 1) I need extra income to pay down some of our debt 2) I want to be my own boss and have my financial freedom 3) I want to help others avoid the mistakes I made 4) I need a creative outlet.


I also have one huge thing going for me hopefully. I have been an active user of Pinterest since 2011. Since that time I somehow accumulated over 16,000 followers which has dwindled down to 15,500 followers in the past year or so. I discovered that all of these followers were attached to one particular board that I have on my personal Pinterest page. So I am going to try to figure out how to have all of my posts included in this board to try to gain some readers early on. Wish me luck with that!


Last month’s income report & goals


Currently, my extra income from April of 2016 is $0.00 but this because I will only include money I have received during that month in this income report.


I started this blog in the middle of April. This means I had 2 weeks to focus on building this blog, and generating extra income. I didn’t expect to have any income to report this month because of that. However, May is a full month and I already expect at least 2 small paychecks to come in. I break down all the ways I am trying to earn extra income in the Income Breakdown below.


I will also be including goals that I set for myself in the previous month in each report. As I just started this blog two weeks ago, I am going to share what I hoped to accomplish during the month of April.


Goals from April of 2016:

  1. Finish adding social media icons
  2. Confirm website for Pinterest
  3. Work on the design of the bog more
  4. Create a disclaimer section
  5. Create a subscription list through mailchimp.com
  6. Set up a way to track traffic on my site
  7. Figure out how to use pictures on my blog
  8. Create a content list
  9. Develop a business plan
  10. Create a goal list
  11. Set up a payment system for if and when my blog starts to make money
  12. Publish 6 posts of high quality content (6 since I only had 2 weeks to do this in April)
  13.  Increase Pinterest followers by 20
  14. Look into other affiliate programs and follow up with bluehost
  15. Have a blast working on this blog!


               Detailed updates about goals I did not meet:

1. I haven’t put much focus on the social media buttons, mainly because I really want my blog to feel up to pay before it starts getting shared. I plan on definitely accomplishing this goal during May

2. I think I did confirm my website for Pinterest, but I honestly didn’t follow up on this to be sure.

4. I did not create a disclaimer section. I need to do this during May.

9. I honestly have no idea what my business plan should be. Hopefully, I can accomplish this during May.

13. I did increase my Pinterest followers on my business page to 5 followers and my personal account by 2 followers, but I did not reach 20.


               Detailed updates about goals I met:


I am very proud to say that I met the rest of my goals! I plan to do a weekly update from here on out with how I am working on meeting my goals so I won’t elaborate on this here to help keep this post as clutter free as possible.


                Income breakdown

I earned $39.48 in extra income for the month of April 2016. I did not receive any of this income this month, however I did make progress in this area which I will break down for you below:


  1. Google Adsense: I currently have $1.05 in my this account! Not too shabby for the first two weeks of my blog’s life!
  2. Mystery Shopping: I completed 2 mystery shops that earned me $20.00 this past week. I should receive this money in May. I also plan on increasing this income now that I know how the process works.
  3. Affiliates: I have two affiliate partners currently. I have not earned anything from these yet, but that’s also because I haven’t really advertised or shared these yet while I’ve been working on building my blog.
  4. Referral programs: I have not earned anything from referral programs yet, but I did make a post that included several referral programs so hopefully this will generate some income in the long run.
  5. Surveys: I have about $18.43 combined in all of the survey accounts I use. I am not able to request payment on any of these yet which is why they aren’t included in my income report.


                   Next month’s goals

  1. Add and link Facebook and Instagram accounts on my blog
  2. Grow my business Pinterest account by 20 followers
  3. Grow my Facebook page by 20 likes
  4. Grow my Twitter page by 20 followers
  5. Grow my subscribers to 15 through mailchimp.com
  6. Figure out how to fix mailchimp so my subscribers receive email updates
  7. Create a disclaimer section
  8. Design and post a logo
  9. Create a business plan
  10. Have content scheduled and planned a month in advance
  11. Have content prepared 2 weeks in advance (only requiring updates or editing)
  12. Earn $50 in extra income (I feel like this may be set rather high but I am determined to succeed)
  13. Find at least one free lancing job


Traffic Report Breakdown


This is what my traffic looks like from Google Analytics. Obviously, most of April shows no views, but that is because I didn’t start this blog until the middle of April. I will work on fixing the clarity of this picture also.


Analytics 1


Each month I hope to make big improvements on the quality, design, content, and growth of this blog. If you can share my page on your social networks that would be fantastic! If you have any advice I’m open to that as well!


I look forward to how next month turns out!!!

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  1. Nice blog.
    Good start.
    I’m running a simmillar site and statistics are not near enough. Implementing floating social share buttons in left side or bottom helps a lot in increasing traffic from social media shares. I’m currently concentrated on Twitter mainly and not using email marketing as a strategy yet. Could share experiences to improve both sites.

    Thanks and good luck!

    • Thanks Colen!

      I agree that my traffic is no where where I would like it to be. I haven’t been focused on social media growth a tremendous amount yet as I’ve been trying to figure out a better design for my blog. I think sharing tips and ideas is a great idea! I will be checking out your blog soon and will definitely look forward to sharing more in the future!


    • Thank you for the compliment! I like the layout I just want to adjust the design, making it more colorful and adding some pictures and a nice logo. But thank you!!! I used a theme that can be applied to wordpress. I see you have blogspot. If you want to have more control over the design of your blog, I recommend becoming self-hosted through Bluehost and using wordpress for your platform. If you want some more info, check out my How to Start a Blog page.

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