A Brief Update And I Hope to Back Full-Time Very Soon!

Hey everyone!


First I want to say thank you so much for being patient with me in my absence over the past few months. I’m not making this post anything fancy, but I did want to give you a little update and provide some information I wasn’t able to disclose previously. Here is what has been going on:


  • My husband was offered a promotion within the same company but in a new state back in January
  • Due to recent government changes and delays, he has been living in this new state for the past two months while I was living in DC.
  • This meant we had to cover the cost of Airbnb rentals for him during these two months.
  • During this time, I was actively looking for a new position as I was not able to telecommute.
  • I was offered a new full-time job offer in April.
  • We signed on our new apartment in May which meant we were paying rent on two apartments and paying two utility bills in May.
  • I had to get my health insurance license for my new job so I was actively studying for that during this time.
  • I had some stressful situations happening at my old job that I don’t feel comfortable disclosing here, but please know it was and still is very stressful as it has not yet been resolved.
  • My husband’s mom graduated with her Master’s degree in May and that weekend we also moved our belongings into our new apartment, while I stayed at the old apartment.
  • I passed my license exam last Friday, and we are now officially moved into our new place and no longer have to commute back and forth each weekend.
  • I started my new position today!
  • We got a new cat (he was my parent’s cat so he’s not exactly new, but it’s still a new environment for him)


Because of all of these changes, our emergency fund was completely wiped out and we are in the unfortunate position of having no money to spare again. Needless, to say this has all been incredibly stressful and very overwhelming for me. However, starting my new position today was so affirming. It has given me that push to start doing the behind the scenes work that I want to accomplish to improve my blog and bring it out of the beginning stages of blogging.


I’m not back to a serious posting schedule yet, but I wanted to first let you know that I am hoping to be back full-time in the next 1-2 months. I desperately need to have a business I can sustain myself at times that work for me and my mental health. And I desperately want to make this happen.


I am sharing all of this with you, for the same reason I named my blog Living Fully and Free. I purposefully did not set my name as something finance related, because I wanted to leave myself the option to discuss other issues that aren’t being discussed as much in the financial realm such as mental health, moving, and working through the ups and downs. So many successful bloggers have great stories about their success moving up and forward in this world. But as you can see and may have experienced, life doesn’t always move up and forward in a positive way for all of us.


My story is definitely going to include so many ups and downs. Last year my husband and I paid off $7,700 in debt and medical bills. Today we have $22 sitting in our account and an almost maxed out credit card with nothing available to sustain us in case of an emergency and let me tell you I put every commission check into our moving fund once we found out we’d be moving in January and cut about 95% of our unnecessary spending out of our budget. We are going to be completely rebuilding from the ground up and it is going to be hard because I took a pay cut. We are starting over in a brand new place with no one we know nearby.


I am committed to sharing this experience with you, because I want you to see all of the truth not just my success. I want you to have motivation and inspiration that you too can make it through the bad times. I want you to know that your mental health state doesn’t have to stop you. I’ve determined that even though it’s going to be much harder than I’d like, I’m not going to let mine stop me.


My next steps are to find a psychiatrist, be completing goals behind the scenes of my blog, and finish unpacking our new place. Thanks for sticking with me guys and I can’t wait to continue on this journey with you through it all!


Please share your thoughts below as I’ve missed talking with you guys!


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  1. It’s great to see most of your troubles are being resolved! I can’t think of anyone who didn’t go through changes within the first years of marriage. Best of luck!

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