How to Enjoy Blogging Without Worrying About Making Money

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Hello my dear readers! Today I am very happy to share a guest post written by Oli, the owner and writer of Patchesoft. This is an entrepreneur blog about programming, learning linux, making money and business.


If you’ve just started your blog, chances are you’ve seen those really successful six figure earning blogs that publish their income reports every month. They make it sound super easy- they make it sound like you could easily do it yourself- all you need is to work hard and the money will come to you.


Whether you believe that or not, is irrelevant to this blog post. If you’re starting your blog to earn a little extra income, after a couple of months when you don’t see any results (what, you’re telling me you only earned $0.10 from adsense this month? Come on dude- you need to work harder!) you might start feeling like giving up. After all, writing a hundred or so articles will drain all of us of creativity and motivation at some stage. When you don’t have anything to show for that effort, it can make you feel like shutting your blog down.


So how do you cope without earning money from your blog? What’s the key to longevity? How do you stop worrying about making money from blogging? Here are some tips …


1) Make Your Blog Personal


If you keep your blog strictly about what you’re trying to make money from- making it very corporate or very uninspiring, it’s not going to feel very motivating to do, even if you love the subject. I write about programming and I love it completely (it’s my day job) but even I can’t write article after article on it without feeling drained.


What really helps however, is showing off something personal. I like to talk about my own life, my own ups and downs that I can share with other people. It really helps break up the grind of writing article after article about 0s and 1s and I get really excited when something cool happens in my life that I know would make a great blog post.


It can also be very therapeutic to talk about your own issues. Keeping your frustrations all bottled up can feel like another weight on your shoulders, and showing your visitors that you are human too can help them relate. Your audience is likely to come back to read up on how your life is doing too.


2) Blog Subject Matter


It goes without saying that you should make a blog about something you really enjoy doing. I wouldn’t recommend hunting those high-earning CTR subjects- sure they may pay well, but you’re going to have to do lots of research into the subject matter to be able to product quality content. If you make posts about the subject with just a loose understanding of how it all works, your visitors aren’t going to inspire confidence in your content and likely to leave quite quickly.


Also, writing about something you don’t enjoy is a sure fire way to kill all your inspiration. In the beginning, it seems easy because there’s a lot of new content to cover so you could probably bag a few articles. But when you’ve got to grind some good content out, this is when knowing and enjoying your subject matter really helps because you know all the ins and outs of what you’re talking about.


3) Don’t Quit Your Day Job


If you think you’ll be earning four or five figures from your blog anytime soon, you’re delusional. Don’t quit your job to become a full-time blogger when you have less than 1k viewers per month because the pressure to get your blog to start making money is really going to make you stress out.


All you have to do is find some time each day- maybe wake up an extra hour or two before work, or put aside some time in your evening to write on your blog and you can slowly start building up your blog. Publishing 30 articles in a week isn’t going to help your blog- it’s going to just wear down your motivation and inspiration at a lightning fast rate. Some of the top bloggers who are making five figure salaries only write 3 or 4 articles a month, but they put in a lot of effort and make sure those articles are of top quality. Ever hear of evergreen content? It’s content which is so well crafted that long after it’s made, it will still produce results.


4) Engage More With Your Audience


In the same way that making your blog more personal helps retain visitors, so does interacting with them. Whether you do it through social media like Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, or you do it through blog commenting and asking visitors to give you their feedback/experiences, you’re helping to create more content for your own blog.


How many times have you read an article and then gone to the comments section to find more useful responses and replies? It’s a great way to improve upon your articles and also to gain ideas and motivation. If you know a certain type of article is working because of visitor feedback, then it allows you to know you’re on the right track.


Reaching out to people on Twitter or any other social platform can help too. You can meet other bloggers or other users who are interested in your field who might be able help you in your blogging journey. I know I’ve met countless of wonderful people just by asking them if they’d like to get involved in a project.




If you’re in blogging just for the money, you’re soon going to find out how hard it actually is. There is money to be made, but it takes something special to do that. Something people really engage in and appreciate. If they know you enjoy writing on your blog, they’ll enjoy reading it too because it will have come from someone who is passionate about what they’re doing.


I hope this blog post helps you with starting out on your blogging journey.


Also, please check out the guest post I wrote for Oli’s site,  “How to Improve Your Blog When You’re Exhausted” and be sure to visit and check out his blog!

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    • The personal touches are very important! I hope to be able to add more of them as time goes on! Oli did a great job!

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