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There are so many definitions of success. We ultimately decide what success is based on our own personal definition of success. Some focus on financial success, others on having a large family, others on reaching a certain career level, and others on personal goals. So when I initially decided to write this post I was initially focused on financial success, because I am so focused on financial success. After some thought however, I decided to write this based on habits for anyone’s definition of success. Let me know what you think below!


  1. Managing Your Spending

I know spending seems like it’s heavily focused in the financial success category, but think about it. Managing your spending effectively will allow you to live your life more fully. You will often be less stressed, be able to experience more opportunities, and potentially avoid financial disasters in your future. This really can apply to anyone’s definition of success.


  1. Working on Personal Development

Personal development needs to be a focus for everyone. Personal development exists in a large number of categories such as reading books, taking classes, educating yourself in a particular area. This is such a great way to work towards your personal definition of success because you are focusing on improving yourself.


  1. Planning Your Time

The one thing we all want more of is time. Unfortunately, time can’t be bought, earned, or bargained for. So you need to plan your time effectively in order to meet your definition of success. Planning your time will also allow you to balance your time effectively so that you can enjoy a great work life balance.


  1. Quality Time

As I mentioned before, time is the one thing none of us will get more of. It is very important to spend quality time with those you love because you won’t be getting that time back. Making quality time a priority in your life can also further enhance your quality of life.


  1. Sleep

We all know that it is recommend we get an adequate amount of sleep each night. However, it is very important to not get too much sleep either. You know your body best, so get the sleep that is adequate for your body. Personally, I found I function better when I follow the same sleep routine when able.


  1. Eating Regularly

It is so important to nourish your body so it can function and give you energy throughout the day. Making sure you eat regularly can not only help your metabolism, but can also help improve your ability to focus and motivated throughout the day.


  1. Don’t Compare Themselves to Others

We all struggle with comparing our lives to others. Honestly, it’s one of the biggest struggles I personally face. But it’s very important to remember that everyone’s definition of success is different. Just because someone has the fancy car, house, and dog doesn’t mean they are necessarily happy. Just because someone has traveled the world doesn’t necessarily mean they are wealthy. It’s all about perspective and staying focused on your personal goals.


  1. Prioritization

Prioritizing everything you need to accomplish throughout each day is extremely important. Tackling the hardest task first is very helpful when you have multiple things you want to accomplish. When you prioritize you are most likely going to accomplish everything you need to accomplish. Even if you don’t you will still have gotten more accomplished than if you didn’t prioritize.


  1. Keep Momentum

It is very important to stay motivated. When you are working towards your own personal definition of success, getting started is often the hardest part. But once you get going, it is much easier to keep momentum when you stay focused, motivated, and constantly pushing forward.


  1. Enjoying Life

Take time to enjoy your life! I can’t stress enough that we will not get the time we have spent back so you really don’t want to waste it. This doesn’t mean you have to be accomplishing something every moment of every day. Just be sure to be enjoying the moments you have each day and throughout your life. Make time for things you love to do, and the people you love to do them with.


  1. Visualizing What You Want

Having a clear understanding of what you want in life is such an important step in achieving success. If you don’t know what you want out of life how can you achieve it?


  1. Letting Go of Things That Hold You Back

Don’t allow regrets or bad memories to hold you back anymore. It’s practically impossible to dismiss these events from your thoughts entirely, but you can still forgive yourself, forgive the people involved in these memories, and persevere to meet your definition of success. Letting go of these things will free up more room for you to focus on improving your life and meeting your goals.


I hope this list of habits has helped you identify areas in your life you may need to change in order to be successful. Remember, you only need to focus on your definition of success. Share below habits you think are important in order to be successful! Also feel free to share and like on social media! I love to follow back!

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