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Hello and thank you for joining me in my little corner of life! To introduce myself, my name is Amanda and I am super excited to begin this journey with you! I am in the beginning stages of creating this blog and I plan to write about a great many things to include personal finance, how to make extra income, monthly income reports, personal development, mental wellness, marriage, and lifestyle related topics.

I am 26 years old and I love reading, writing, creating, gaming, meeting new people, and traveling. I’m extremely opinionated, rather bossy at times, and very outgoing. (Really, people give me energy) I am also going to be celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary with my husband in May of this year! (Next month!!!) We are loving life however, we have experienced some financial setbacks that were the main motivator for my starting this blog.

So this is my journey of how we are going to fight our way into a brighter future where we own our time, our money, and our lives. I hope to inspire, motivate, and humor you along the way!

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  1. Howdy from Texas!

    Congrats on your blog. It looks interesting, so I’ll be pouring through your posts! I’ve subscribed, so I can keep you with you, too.

    All the best! Keith “Shin” Schindler

    • Thank you Keith or do you prefer Shin? Do you have a blog I can check out? I love networking with other bloggers!

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