How to Stay Focused

Staying Focused



Life gets busy. It just does. I’m sure we have all struggled with staying focused on a specific task or goal. Here I have created a list of 7 ways to help you accomplish your goals.



  1. Make a to-do list

I started creating monthly goals for my blog and myself each month. I started noticing lots of little things that needed to be done. Making a daily to-do list was essential to meeting the goals I set for myself. I recommend not making this list too long or you may set yourself up to be unable to accomplish all the goals you set which could cause you to become unmotivated or lose sight of what you are working towards.



  1. Break up your goals into smaller ones

Creating goals has definitely helped me stay focused. At first I started making monthly goals and then I made yearly goals. I noticed that these goals were so big that it started to become a bit overwhelming. I started breaking these bigger goals down into smaller more achievable goals and this helped it not feel like a lost cause. I honestly didn’t start meeting bigger goals until I started breaking these monthly goals into smaller weekly goals. Then I turned these weekly goals into daily tasks. Now I feel unstoppable in how productive I can be.



  1. One page open at a time

As I mentioned above, I found that having monthly goals just wasn’t enough for me. I really needed to break these goals down into smaller tasks before I started becoming successful. One of the ways I did this was paying attention to what I was struggling with. I found that I was becoming overwhelmed having multiple tabs open in my browser at once. My solution to this problem, was having all the tabs open that I needed to work on that day, but minimizing all of them except for one. That way I could stay focused on that one task until it was finished. Then when that task was finished I would close it and open the next one.



  1. Step away from distractions

I personally enjoy working with Netflix playing in the background. However, I noticed I am tempted to focus on what is playing instead on what I am doing. I find the same thing is true for music. If I have music playing in the background, I tend to pay attention to the words more than my screen. My solution was to only watch re-runs or to listen to instrumental music. However, you need to do what works best for you. If you need to turn the television or radio off completely, then do that. The important thing to remember is you have goals you need to accomplish, so you need to do whatever will help you complete these.



  1. Get your personal needs met first

I am really bad at getting enough sleep. However, I notice that this makes me very tired the next day and less likely to accomplish my goals. My solution was to make sure all of my personal needs such as eating, showering, and sleeping are met before I focus on business stuff. Now this does not give me an excuse to not work on my blog or my side business. Instead, I just learned to take care of my personal needs and to manage my time better.



  1. Stop making excuses

This one is really simple. Get your work done! We all have reasons we could use to explain why we didn’t get our work done or putting our work off. If you know you are going to be busy at a particular time, schedule a different time to get your work done. It’s as simple as that. We all get tired, hungry, etc. Those are not excuses if you want to succeed.



  1. Just do it

This is very similar to #5. Make it work! Whatever it takes is what you will do. If you are determined and put in the work, you will be more likely to reap the rewards one day. Be realistic with your capabilities and the time you have, but make sure you are fair to yourself as well.



I hope this list helps you accomplish your goals and stay focused. I have personally utilized all of these strategies in my daily life to make sure my blog posts are finished and published. If you would like to learn to start a blog, check out my How to Start a Blog tutorial to learn how!


How do you stay focused? Feel free to share below!

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    • I agree completely Francesca! I have to change it up sometimes, but I found that even having the screen on with it paused sometimes helps as well. Thanks for the comment!

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