March 2016 Income Report

March Income Pin


Why I’m publishing monthly income reports

One of the reasons I was motivated to begin my blogging journey was from seeing fellow bloggers post monthly income reports. Whether they were making money or not, I find all of these posts to be inspiring. I hope that you will be able to find my income reports inspiring as well. To clarify, these reports will not include income from my husband’s or I’s jobs. This will only include income from any of the side jobs I am trying out and from this blog if I ever start to make money from blogging. I find it all very exciting and I look forward to where this journey will take me.

I chose to start my income reports from the very beginning of my blog so that you and I have something to compare to later down the road if I do in fact become successful at this. I also plan to include updates on traffic reports once I get this figured out.

I will be posting these income reports once a month, but plan to post new content 2-3 times a week. If you would like to follow along in my journey feel free to subscribe to my blog. You can be among the first to know every time I publish a new post, by using the subscription box on the right (once I get that installed).


My blogging journey

If you are curious to learn my reasons and motivations for beginning this blogging journey you should check out my “Why I am Starting a Blog.” To give you a brief overview, I have four major reasons for beginning this blog: 1) I need extra income to pay down some of our debt 2) I want to be my own boss and have my financial freedom 3) I want to help others avoid the mistakes I made 4) I need a creative outlet.

I also have one huge thing going for me hopefully. I have been an active user of Pinterest since 2011. Since that time I somehow accumulated over 16,000 followers which has dwindled down to 15,500 followers in the past year or so. I discovered that all of these followers were attached to one particular board that I have on my personal Pinterest page. So I am going to try to figure out how to have all of my posts included in this board to try to gain some readers early on. Wish me luck with that!


Last month’s income report & goals

Currently, my extra income from March of 2016 is $0.00. However, I plan to include only extra income in these reports and will not be including the money my husband or I make from our jobs. I plan to have some sort of visual representation or graph to depict my extra income and will be breaking any earnings I make down for you into specific details to include how much, and from where.


I will also be including goals that I set for myself in the previous month in each report. As I just started this blog yesterday, I am going to share what my to-do list was prior to having this blog up and running.

Goals from March of 2016:

  1. Decide on a domain name for my blog
  2. Purchase a domain and hosting through BlueHost
  3. Create an About Me section
  4. Create a content list
  5. Develop a business plan
  6. Create a goal list
  7. Find out how to include pictures for my blog posts
  8. Set up a payment system for when and if I start to make money from this blog
  9. Set up social media accounts
  10. Create 10 posts prior to starting blog
  11. Create a subscription box through
  12. Create category tabs for my posts to be organized in

               Detailed updates about goals

I was able to meet five of these goals: deciding on a domain name, purchasing a domain name, creating an about me section, setting up social media accounts, and creating category tabs. The remainder are goals I am still working on or have not yet begun working on. I am definitely going to be cutting myself some slack the first few months of blogging as I know I will be learning about what steps need to be completed and in what order as I go. While I didn’t meet all of these goals, I did create 5 blog posts that I feel are almost ready to be posted prior to starting this blog, so I have a little bit of a cushion. I also completed the following things just on my first day of setting up my blog:

  1. Created a business email
  2. Installed a new theme on my blog
  3. Got 2 social media buttons working properly
  4. Applied for Adsense and attempted putting their tools in my sidebar
  5. Emailed bluehost regarding their affiliate program

Overall, that is 10 things I have accomplished in a matter of a few weeks! WIN in my book!


Income breakdown

I made $0.00 in extra income for the month of March 2016.


Next month’s goals

  1. Finish adding social media icons
  2. Confirm website for Pinterest (need to figure out how to do this)
  3. Work on the design of the blog more
  4. Create a disclaimer section
  5. Create a subscription list through
  6. Set up a way to track traffic on my site
  7. Figure out how to use pictures on my blog
  8. Create a content list
  9. Develop a business plan
  10. Create a goal list
  11. Set up a payment system for if and when my blog starts to make money
  12. Publish 6 posts of high quality content (6 since April is almost over and I will have 4 posts on my blog including this income report)
  13. Increase Pinterest followers by 20 (as mentioned before I have 15,500 followers on one board already so I want to try and utilize those followers to grow my blog early on)
  14. Look into other affiliate programs and follow up with (if you would like to start a blog through BlueHost, you can do so through my link: Signing up through my link will grant you access to pricing starting as low as $3.49/month!)
  15. Have a blast working on this blog!!!
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  1. You are off to a great start! You’ve accomplished a lot on your blog in a short time. I think you’ll really like mail chimp. I use it for my personal blog and for our church website. Keep up the good work!!

    (Kendra’s Mom)

    • Thank you Mrs. Wright! (you don’t have to tell me who you are I remember you!)
      What did you do about the requirement to include an address? I don’t want to use my personal address.

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