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Hello my dear readers! For those who don’t know I decided that I wanted to chronicle my experience of starting a blog. The intent is so others can learn what it takes to start a blog, learn from my mistakes throughout the process, and to hopefully provide some humor and enjoyment to your day. If you want to learn how to start a blog, I created a tutorial on how to do so through Bluehost. (this post contains affiliate links, but only those I personally use myself)



I’ve decided these weekly updates will be posted on weekends and will consist of 7 categories.


  1. Blog posts that I published
  2. Blog Improvements
  3. Personal Accomplishments
  4. Extra Income I earned
  5. Extra Income I received
  6. Goals I accomplished during the week
  7. Goals for Next Week


I know this will be very similar to my monthly income reports, but I think having weekly and monthly goals are going to help me stay focused and break my bigger goals down into smaller ones. This should help me in accomplishing my monthly goals, but also allow me to celebrate additional small successes that may happen throughout each week.


So this is my first weekly update of the life of my beloved blog.




Blog Posts:


You can check them out here:

About Me

Why I am Starting a Blog

I’ve Started a Blog Now What? (this is a post I wrote the first day I officially owned my blog so it’s more of a narrative than most of my other posts but I wanted to keep it to look back on in a few years)

March 2016 Income Report



Blog Improvements:

  1. Purchased my domain name and hosting services through Bluehost
  2. Set up three social media sites
  3. Created a business email
  4. Installed a new theme on my blog
  5. Got 2 social media buttons working properly
  6. Applied for and was approved to use Google Adsense Ads on my blog
  7. Emailed Bluehost regarding their affiliate program
  8. Added ads to my sidebar
  9. Learned where to find pictures and how to use them in my posts
  10. Created and added a subscription box using Mailchimp
  11. Figured out how to change my sample page to an About Me page
  12. Applied to be an affiliate partner with shareasale



Personal Accomplishments:

  1. Started networking with other bloggers
  2. Got my first 3 subscribers to my blog! (all friends but we all start somewhere right?)
  3. Broke the permalink on my blog, but Bluehost chat services was able to fix it for me (no this is not an improvement or an accomplishment but it was a scary issue for about an hour)
  4. Wrote a goal list for my blog through December 2016
  5. Wrote some personal finance goals



Extra Income I Earned: $0.00

(If you would like to learn how you can start earning extra income, check out my Recommendations page)



Surveys: uncertain

(I updated this week 1 post after combining some of my earlier posts, so I’m not sure where my accounts were at this time)




Mystery Shopping: $0.00


Affiliates: $0.00


Extra Income I Received: $0.00




This Week’s Goals:

I decided that each week I will set 10 small goals for my blog. All of them should be helping me reach my bigger goals that I set each month.


  1. Finish Adding social media icons to my home page
  2. Confirm my blog website for Pinterest
  3. Upload an Intro Post, and a March Income Report
  4. Work on the design of the blog more
  5. Look into copyright and disclaimer sections
  6. Create a subscription list



Next Week’s Goals:

  1. Update my PayPal business account
  2. Link Google Analytics to my blog
  3. Create a content schedule
  4. Place picture of myself in my About Me Page
  5. Update my blog tabs and file posts accordingly


Guys this blogging business is so much fun!!!! I am so committed and I can’t wait to see how my blog continues to grow! I do know that growing this blog is going to require a lot of work and time on my part, but I won’t let that stop me! I hope that you are feeling inspired to start your own blog or to follow your own dreams! If you’d like to start your own blog, I created a tutorial on how to do so using BlueHost. Check out my How to Start a Blog Page to start your own blog!


Share below what you have been doing this week to meet your blogging and personal goals!

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