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Hello my dear readers! For those who don’t know I decided that I wanted to chronicle my experience of starting a blog. The intent is so others can learn what it takes to start a blog, learn from my mistakes throughout the process, and to hopefully provide some humor and enjoyment to your day. If you want to learn how to start a blog, I created a tutorial on how to do so through Bluehost. (this post contains affiliate links, but only those I personally use and recommend)



I’ve decided these weekly updates will be posted on weekends and will consist of 7 categories.


  1. Blog posts that I published
  2. Blog Improvements
  3. Personal Accomplishments
  4. Extra Income I earned
  5. Extra Income I received
  6. Goals I accomplished during the week
  7. Goals for Next Week


I know this will be very similar to my monthly income reports, but I think having weekly and monthly goals are going to help me stay focused and break my bigger goals down into smaller ones. This should help me in accomplishing my monthly goals, but also allow me to celebrate additional small successes that may happen throughout each week.


So this is the end of week 11 of the life of my beloved blog. This week went by so quickly I honestly didn’t realize I hadn’t worked on my goals until the week was over. Now this week wasn’t a total loss, because I did work on areas outside of this blog. But, I don’t value excuses so I need to come up with a different strategy on how to continue improving.



Blog Posts:


You can check them out here:

Habits of Success

How to Save Money on Your Pets



Blog Improvements:


  1. I was approved for another affiliate partner!


  1. I started sharing my blog in a new Facebook group!


  1. I enrolled in a free blog improvement tutorial. (I’ll recommend this if I enjoy it once it’s over)


  1. I find it crazy but I now have 75 followers on my Twitter account. Honestly, I’ve been letting this sit and haven’t been doing much with it so this is purely natural growth!



Personal Accomplishments:

  1. I worked my first wedding as an assistant to a wedding coordinator! I learned this isn’t the direction I want my life to go, but I’m really glad I tried it so I wasn’t left always wondering!


  1. I attended my first meeting of Toastmasters! For those of you who don’t know, Toastmasters is a group dedicated to helping people improve their skills in areas such as public speaking, managing a meeting, and evaluating. It was actually a lot of fun and I highly recommend it!



Extra Income I Earned: $0.33 (plus $50.00 dinner reimbursement)

(If you would like to learn how you can start earning extra income, check out my Recommendations page) Please note I do not included Google AdSense income here because it isn’t confirmed until a month later.




American Consumer Opinion: $4.65 currently in this account. (+ $0.10)

Inbox Dollars: $20.12 (+$0.12)

Swagbucks: 1,416 points (+11)


Mystery Shopping: $50.00

This was actually reimbursement for dinner. It was really fun because my husband and I got to go to a really nice Italian restaurant and only spent $6 on our meal!


Affiliates: $0.00

Referrals: $0.00



Extra Income I Received: $47.50




This Week’s Goals:

I decided that each week I will set 10 small goals for my blog. All of them should be helping me reach my bigger goals that I set each month.

Honestly, this was my worst week by far as far as goals go. However, I plan on really focusing this week and devoting specific time to my goals this week.


  1. Update all of the pictures on my blog-Fail. But I did update a few of these!
  2. Apply to 2 new affiliate partners- Fail. Honestly this week was a blur.
  3. Grow my business Pinterest account to 1000 followers-Fail. But I made it to 979 followers! That’s a huge win in my book!
  4. Earn $50 in extra income-Fail. Opportunities have been low (I’m wondering if this is a summer thing)
  5. Publish 2 posts- Pass! Habits of Success, How to Save Money on Your Pets
  6. Add drop down menus to homepage- Fail. I don’t think my current theme has this option
  7. Grow my subscription list to 15-Fail. I did grow by one subscriber though!
  8. Improve design of blog-Fail. Didn’t really do much.
  9. Work on tumblr page (this could be a new source of traffic so I really need to do this)-Fail. This week went by so fast!
  10. Look for additional blogging tools I can use to improve my blog-Fail. I was a slacker




Next Week’s Goals:

  1. Be approved for one new affiliate partner
  2. Work on my Tumblr page
  3. Update all of the pictures on my blog
  4. Grow my Pinterest account to 1100 followers
  5. Publish 2 posts
  6. Join a new Facebook group
  7. Look for a new theme for my blog
  8.  Earn $100 in extra income
  9. Learn how to use one of my plugins effectively
  10. Grow my subscription list by 1



Guys this blogging business is so much fun!!!! I am so committed and I can’t wait to see how my blog continues to grow! I do know that growing this blog is going to become a lot harder now that I am starting my new position, but I plan to push through! I hope that you are feeling inspired to start your own blog or to follow your own dreams! If you’d like to start your own blog, I created a tutorial on how to do so using BlueHost. Check out my How to Start a Blog Page to start your own blog!


Share below what you have been doing this week to meet your blogging and personal goals!


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    • Well, it’s not a career I want to pursue so I’m glad I tried it so I didn’t spend my life wondering. I think it’s a wonderful career for someone who wants to do all the background work, and take the blame when problems arise. I just really enjoy attending weddings, I don’t want to work them. You should try it out! I found this gig because I emailed all the wedding coordinator companies I could find on and until someone responded back saying I could work with them. So if you are interested try doing that!

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