Starting a Blog: Week 24




Hello my dear readers!


For those who don’t know I decided that I wanted to chronicle my experience of starting a blog. The intent is so others can learn what it takes to start a blog, learn from my mistakes throughout the process, and to hopefully provide some humor and enjoyment to your day. I think I will run this “Starting a Blog” series for 52 weeks to provide a well-rounded beginning to starting a blog that you fully intend to turn into a business. (Please know, that affiliate links may be used in this post which means I would earn a little bit of money if you decide to purchase through some of my links. But, I promise to always be honest and to only recommend those things that I personally use and enjoy!)


If you want to learn how to start a blog, I created a tutorial on how to do so through Bluehost.


I’ve decided these weekly updates will be posted on weekends and will consist of 7 categories to help summarize my progress each week.


  1. Blog posts that I published
  2. Blog Improvements
  3. Personal Accomplishments
  4. Extra Income I earned
  5. Extra Income I received
  6. Goals I accomplished during the week
  7. Goals for Next Week


I know this will be very similar to my monthly income reports, but I think having weekly and monthly goals are going to help me stay focused and break my bigger goals down into smaller ones. This should help me in accomplishing my monthly goals, but also allow me to celebrate additional small successes that may happen throughout each week.


Guys we have made it to the 6th month mark! Wow time has really flown by, I can’t believe I have been building this blog for 6 months. It’s also really intimidating because I feel like I’ve made next to no improvement. I’m way too hard on myself. I want perfection and perfection doesn’t exist in this world. Sigh, maybe I will come to accept that one day. I feel like I want to do something special to celebrate my 6 month of blogging. I’ll admit I honestly don’t remember spending much time last week devoted to this blog, so I will definitely step it up this week. There’s not much else to do besides do more than nothing right? 🙂


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Blog Posts:

None this week since I was a total slacker. The funny thing is I have a post almost ready to post, and several others that needed just a tiny bit of work to be done. So, I’m not sure what my issue with posting this week was. Bottom line is I’m sorry.



Blog Improvements:

  1. Well if you didn’t notice, the format of this did not change this week. I promise I do have a new layout planned, but I just didn’t devote the time to updating this yet. Hopefully next week you can see what I’m talking about.
  2. I attended a webinar by Jennifer Snyder from WomenWinningOnline. This one was called Landing pages 101 for bloggers and I thought it was fantastic! I can’t wait to get my own landing page set up this month.


Personal Accomplishments:

  1. I attended a virtual training called Fundamentals of Business Analysis through my work this week. I passed and now I am only 2 courses away from receiving my Master’s certificate in Project Management through George Washington University! Go me!
  2. I finished one book. It was The Giver and it was great! If you haven’t read it yet you should definitely add this to the top of your list!
  3. I redeemed my first gift card using the Shopkick app and was able to buy my husband’s birthday present for $1.92 out of pocket!!! Woot!



  1. On Tuesday of this week, I thought my blog was hacked because when I tried responding to comments I was getting a message in read “You lose. Good day sir.” I freaked out! I contacted Bluehost support and at first I contacted the Malware/Security department. I became really frustrated because they just tried selling me a security package. So I disconnected the chat, and then contacted technical support. They were able to fix my problem and then I still bought the security package because I didn’t want this happening again and I appreciated that they fixed my issue without requiring me to purchase anything. Well, then I found out I wasn’t hacked at all. My Mojo Marketplace plug-in was causing the issue and I learned of this literally less than 10 minutes after I purchased this new security package. Oh geez lol. But, I’m not too disappointed because I had wanted security anyways since I plan to start focusing on monetization more now. But if you notice this is happening on your blog, I read it was supposed to be fixed in the new update so just hang on until then. Fun right?



Extra Income I Earned: $126.03

(If you would like to learn how you can start earning extra income, check out my Resources page) Please note I do not include Google AdSense income here because it isn’t confirmed until a month later.


Survey and Offer Sites$0.18

 American Consumer Opinion: $0.50 currently in this account. (+ $0.00)

Inbox Dollars: $22.86 (+$0.12) (I’ve been using this site for paid emails which give me $0.02 every time I click an email)

Swagbucks: 2,595points (+6 SB) (I have now earned enough for a $25 gift card!)


Apps: $0.85

ShopKick: 3,117 kicks (+85 kicks) (I just cashed out my first $50 gift card this week to buy my husband’s birthday gift) If you sign up please use my referral code lincoln56422

Ibotta: $2.75 (+$0.00) If you sign up using my referral code RKIOW, you will instantly start with $10.00 in your account, and I’ll get $5.00)


Mystery Shopping: $125.00 ($55 reimbursement for lunch)

Company #1: $125.00

Company #2: $0.00


Ebates: $0.00


Affiliates: $0.00 (Bluehost)


Referrals: $0.00



Extra Income I Received: $50.00

Shopkick: $50.00 I redeemed my first gift card from them so that I could buy my husband’s birthday gift!


This Week’s Goals: 

Let’s not even discuss the failure that was me this week. I accomplished none of my 4 goals below. But I will keep looking forward.

  1. Have Tailwind up and running-Fail.
  2. Have my About Me page done and make sure it’s awesome!-Fail.
  3. Create the general outline for my freebie-Fail.
  4. Start focus on more ways of increasing income. (Operation pay off the cat is in effect)- Fail.


Next Week’s Goals:

  1. Update my About Me Page
  2. Add a disclosure policy to my site
  3. Add my email subscription opt-in to hot spots in my blog
  4. Publish my September Income and Traffic Report
  5. Have my post written and ready for next week


Guys this blogging business is so much fun!!!! I am so committed and I can’t wait to see how my blog continues to grow! I hope that you are feeling inspired to start your own blog or to follow your own dreams! If you’d like to start your own blog, I created a tutorial on how to do so using BlueHost. Check out my How to Start a Blog Page to start your own blog!


Share below what you have been doing this week to meet your blogging and personal goals!

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  1. There’s been so many improvements since I last visited Amanda. It’s looking awesome. Love the colours you’re using! You’re doing really well with the extra income by the looks of things too. I suggest you focus on those optin boxes for your mailing list above all else. My mailing list is going gang-busters, as you’ll see in my upcoming income report. Keep up the great work.
    Lloyd Phillips recently posted…How to Get a Pay Rise at Work The Right Way – Part 2My Profile

    • Ahhhh that is frustrating lol. I guess this is very showing of my personality to instantly jump to worse case scenario lol

  2. Hello, I am new to the whole blogging thing too. It is crazy how many people think it is so simple, yet there is so much involved. What has been your hardest obstacle, given you are about 6 months in?

    • It really is harder than I expected! Everytime I tell people that I have a blog they just instantly think that I write my feelings or something and they wonder what the big deal is. But I think my biggest obstacle was definitely not knowing where to start. I found I was focusing on all the wrong things until about a month ago. How long ago did you start blogging and what do you think has been your biggest obstacle?

  3. Hi Amanda! I got a really good vibe once I went to your blog. I’m not sure why, but it’s a good thing anyways. Can I suggest that you change your website settings so that if a reader clicks on something it opens in a new page? I found a lot of amazing things on your blog but it was kind of annoying that I had to go back on my browser instead of clicking a tab..if you know what I mean. Also, I think it’s great that you are already making some income! It must be amazing. How far along in your blog journey did you start making an income? Oh and I subscribed to your blog, because I love supporting people like you!

    • Hey Delia! I had no idea that was happening! I’m not sure I know what you mean about the tabs because it works properly on my end and you’re the first person to say that. Also, for right now the majority of my income comes from side hustles and not from my blog. But, I started making money from affiliate links a month into blogging. But I’ve only made money twice that way and I’ve made a bit of adsense money.

  4. Good to know that your site wasn’t hacked! One of my sites got hacked and then blacklisted by google, so I had to search for someone to fix it.. I ended up with Sucuri Security. I don’t have to worry so much the next time it happens. Thanks for letting me know about the comment disappearing!
    Lisa recently posted…How to Save for a Vacation or Big Ticket ItemMy Profile

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