Starting a Blog: Week 32




Hello my dear readers!

For those who don’t know I decided that I wanted to chronicle my experience of starting a blog. The intent is so others can learn what it takes to start a blog, learn from my mistakes throughout the process, and to hopefully provide some humor and enjoyment to your day. I think I will run this “Starting a Blog” series for 52 weeks to provide a well-rounded beginning to starting a blog that you fully intend to turn into a business. (Please know, that affiliate links may be used in this post which means I would earn a little bit of money if you decide to purchase through some of my links. But, I promise to always be honest and to only recommend those things that I personally use and enjoy!)


If you want to learn how to start a blog, I created a tutorial on how to do so through Bluehost.


I’ve decided these weekly updates will be posted on weekends and will consist of 6 categories to help summarize my progress each week.


  1. Blog Improvements
  2. My week in Review
  3. Extra Income Earned
  4. Extra Income Received
  5. Goals I accomplished During the Week
  6. Goal for Next Week


I know this will be very similar to my monthly income reports, but I think having weekly and monthly goals are going to help me stay focused and break my bigger goals down into smaller ones. This should help me in accomplishing my monthly goals, but also allow me to celebrate additional small successes that may happen throughout each week.



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Blog Improvements


Design Improvements:

  • None.


Time spent on my blog this week:

  • Honestly, since I’m publishing this a week late I don’t remember if I spent any time at all on my blog or related tasks.


Blog Posts:

I published nothing. Sad.



  • I did not add any plug-ins this week.


Affiliate Partners:

  • I did not add any new affiliate partners this week.


Email Subscribers:

  • I am at 62 email subscribers this week, which means I gained 0 new subscribers this week. I need to get my landing page and opt-in offer up and running.



Traffic Updates:


  • Here is what my analytics looked like compared to last week:
Last Week This Week
Sessions 294 201 -93
Pageviews 536 329 -207
Users 229 127 -102
Average Session Duration 01:55 02:10 +00:15
New Sessions 70.07% 55.72% -14.35%
Pages/Session 1.82 1.64 -0.18
Bounce Rate 71.43% 57.71% -13.72%


  • Considering, that I did next to nothing on the blog or with promotion this week I was surprised that my stats were as high as they were. But the great news is it looks like people who find me are starting to continue to come back and they are continuing to stay longer! That makes me soooo happy and I can’t wait to see this continue to grow!




My Week in Review


Personal Accomplishments:

  • I had a wonderful time with my husband and his side of the family in NYC for Thanksgiving this week! It was truly an incredible experience and I would recommend you see the city during the holidays if you are able. The parade was a fabulous experience live and I wanted to share some pictures of our trip with you below!

20161123_10143920161124_095646 20161124_145743























Productivity Tips & Tricks:

  1. I did make a plan of attack while keeping my holiday travels and celebration in mind. The problem was I didn’t implement my plan. My advice to you, is that creating a plan is useless unless you actually apply it.




  • I did not attend any webinars this week. I plan on resuming webinars in January.




  • I devoted no time to blogging.
  • I did not go to the gym.


  • I may have spent a little bit more than I had wanted to spend on Black Friday.


Extra Income Earned: $21.08

(If you would like to learn how you can start earning extra income, check out my Resources page) Please note I do not include Google AdSense income here because it isn’t confirmed until a month later.



Survey and Offer Sites$0.00

American Consumer Opinion: $5.60 currently in this account. (+ $0.00)

Inbox Dollars: $25.10(+$0.00) (I’ve been using this site for paid emails which give me $0.02 every time I click an email and I can cash out once my account reaches $30)

Swagbucks: 2,630 points (+0 SB) (I have now earned enough for a $25 gift card!)



Apps: $0.00

ShopKick: 3,512 kicks (+00 kicks) If you sign up please use my referral code lincoln56422

Ibotta: $4.50 (+$0.00) If you sign up using my referral code RKIOW, you will instantly start with $10.00 in your account, and I’ll get $5.00)



Mystery Shopping $0.00

(I took this week off since I was going to be in NYC and it was Thanksgiving!)



Ebates: $21.08 (this is a result of all the online shopping I did on Black Friday)


Affiliates: $0.00


Referrals: $0.00


Miscellaneous: $0.00



Extra Income Received: $0.00

Goals I Accomplished This Week


Monday- Edit post and picture for Friday’s post.-Fail. I didn’t publish anything.

Tuesday- Research and decide on a new theme for my blog-Pass! I purchased a new theme from Themeforest after my blogging coach made some great recommendations for me. I found one that I think will be easy to use, but me being the technical dummy that I am need to dedicate some time to figuring this out before I activate it.

Wednesday- I am going to be in NYC for Thanksgiving, so I will be taking this day off.- Pass! NYC was amazing!

Thursday- Thanksgiving Day. I will be in NYC with family so I will be taking the day off as I encourage all of you to do as well.-Pass! This was one of my favorite Thanksgiving holidays ever!

Friday- Publish post and promote (I may change the day I publish a post this week due to all the craziness of the Holidays)-Fail. I didn’t publish anything.

Saturday- Install Thrive landing pages on my blog-Fail.

Sunday- Get my disclosure policy in my footer, and make a plan of attack for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit I purchased a few weeks ago.-Fail.



Goals for Next Week

Since I am writing this update a week late, I didn’t make any goals for the upcoming week.




Guys this blogging business is so much fun!!!! I am so committed and I can’t wait to see how my blog continues to grow! I hope that you are feeling inspired to start your own blog or to follow your own dreams! If you’d like to start your own blog, I created a tutorial on how to do so using BlueHost. Check out my How to Start a Blog Page to start your own blog!


Share below what you have been doing this week to meet your blogging and personal goals!

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