The Advantages Money Can Buy You

Advantages Money Can Buy
I am sure we are all aware that money is what runs our world. Money is how we purchase our basic necessities, pay our bills, and enjoy the fun aspects of life. But what about the things we could have that we don’t necessarily think about when it comes to being financially free? I have provided a list of 8 non-traditional things that many of us don’t consider when we think about the things we could do if we weren’t limited by our finances.
1.     Health
Thankfully everyone has access to health insurance with the passing of recent healthcare laws. Regardless of if this is a perfect solution or not, this is truly a great thing for many individuals who were denied coverage based on preexisting conditions. But, many of us still experience co-pays, or high deductibles that could stop us from scheduling an appointment.
Being financially free would grant you the ability to schedule a medical appointment without concern. You would no longer be worried about how you are going to pay for medication, or going to the chiropractor for your back pain. You could stop worrying about any of these things and could take care of your physical health as needed. This could also lead to prevention of more serious problems. You would also have the time to exercise to improve your overall health.
2.     Time
Being financially free could grant you the ability to no longer have to work. If you no longer had to be at your workplace at a specific time, you could essentially determine your own schedule. This would mean you decide how you spend your time and therefore, choose the value and worth of your time.
It is often said that you only have one life to live. Regardless of what the afterlife may bring, this truly is the only life we know without a doubt that we get to experience. I for one do not want to spend my precious time doing something I don’t enjoy.
3.     Sleep
How many of us forgo sleep due to things that we feel HAVE to get done? I know I have done this many times. However, this isn’t good for our overall health or quality of life. Being financially free could mean you have the ability to sleep the minimum amount of hours required to sustain your body. Not having financial stress could also mean more uninterrupted sleep which will give you more energy.
4.     Longer Life
Studies have shown that stress and lack of sleep could lead to a shorter life. Now I don’t want to say that cutting financial stress out of your life will solve all of your problems. But it could solve many of them! It could also mean you could live a longer life because of this. Not to mention, the preventative health care you are now affording yourself to prevent serious health problems and prolong your life. Who wouldn’t want a few extra years, months, or even days?
5.     Talent
If you had the ability to choose your own hours, you may choose to develop a talent or hobby. Since you would have the time to cultivate this talent and watch your skill grow, you could develop a whole new life from this new ability. It’s sad to think of the talent that is wasted away in an office or a minimum wage job simply because they did not have the chance to pursue such a dream.
6.     First Impressions
Being financially free could mean you make better first impressions. Now this isn’t to say you couldn’t make a good first impression without being financially free, but this just means it would be more likely. Having financial freedom means you could afford to dress nicer, and have the time to make yourself look nicer. In today’s world these things are important and can sometimes determine how other people perceive you.
7.     Relaxation
I don’t know about you, but when I find myself with a day off or everything on my to-do list has been done, I struggle with finding something to occupy my time. I realized this is because I rarely have time to spend as I please due to work and growing 2 businesses. If you were financially free though, you could have a lot more time to relax and devote to your personal interests or hobbies. Personally, I would read or travel all the time. But that’s the great thing about financial freedom! You would have the time to do as you wish!
8.     Hope
I am sure I am not alone when I say that it is hard to remain hopeful when times get hard, especially during times of financial stress. However, I found that even just having a plan to get out of my current financial situation has giving me a more positive outlook on life. Imagine what your outlook on life could be if your financial stress was eliminated? It’s pretty exciting to think about I think.
I find that many of these things are not something I consider when I think about how my financial situation has affected my life. I hope this list has provided you with some motivation to conquer your current financial situation. Hopefully, we can all improve our quality of life once we start pushing forward and fighting for our financial freedom!
Feel free to share below non-traditional things you think money could buy you!
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  1. I can definitely relate to the health part. Sadly, having health insurance is not enough when you can’t even afford the copay.

    • They are all so important!!! I think my favorite is the health care. I would love to not have to worry about taking care of my overall health and how much it would cost me to do so. Hope is a great one too!

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