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I plan on being very open and honest in this blog and in doing so I feel it right to share my motivations for starting this blog. My main motivator for starting this blog is to hopefully bring in some side income to help us pay down our debt. To begin our entire debt load including our combined student loans, 2 car loans, one private loan, and some other small things are over $135,000 in total and growing every day with interest.  We made some poor financial decisions such as choosing to attend a private university (me) or taking 13 years to complete an undergraduate degree (my husband) that attributed to this enormous figure. To put that into perspective, we are paying almost $1000 every month towards our student loans. Add this to living in a major city and we are struggling big time financially. Something has to change right?


Another motivating factor for my writing this blog, is when I determined I would never be happy spending my time to make someone else money. I currently have a 9-5 administrative job, and while I enjoy it and the company I work for, the pay is lower or equal to entry level jobs that do not require a degree. I honestly need to be making $10,000-$15,000 more annually than I am now for us to be able to pay what we need to pay each month, invest, and save. Plus, I really like the idea of being my own boss, and choosing the value of my time.


I have quite a few long term goals regarding how I would like our lives to turn out. We would love to spend time traveling the country in an RV, cruising around the world, and train hopping through Europe. Who wouldn’t want that right? Since we agreed to make traveling a priority we will need a form of income that can be accomplished on the go. I think blogging could be a great way to do that!

So, my hopes for this blog are this:

  1. To first and foremost help others like myself either avoid the debt situation we find ourselves in, or to help those currently in similar situations find the strength and courage to fight their way out.
  2. To provide others with tools, resources, and recommendations on how to motivate themselves, and how to become financially free.
  3. To provide a creative outlet for myself
  4. To learn with you
  5. To make an income from this blog as one of the ways I am fighting for our financial freedom. I don’t know how much I can make from this blog currently, but I will be doing everything in my power to succeed at this.
  6. To one day be able to say, this blog helped my husband and I become financially free.


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  1. A great story. You’re in a little lighter than I am. I have yet to post figures on my blog as to where I’m up to with my debt, but it’s coming. It’s about 4 – 5 times what you’re in for, but I have some assets as well. I was trying to quantify what the debt was until I realized it’s such a moving target with interest. Anyway, I wish you the best. You can do it! Let’s keep each other determined.

    • Thank you for commenting Lloyd!

      Yes, your situation is much more substantial than mine, but we are both going to have to work to get out of this mess. I will definitely be there to hold you accountable! Glad I found you early on!

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